Secure your operations the smart way with our scalable and foolproof solutions We at Annabyte always will support you to remain focused on your mainstream of business as our highly qualitied experts are always there to troubleshoot and resolve the issues promptly at onsite as well as remote assistance. Our highly talented and experienced support professionals ensure a trustworthy computing platform for your organization to reach your business goals faster than ever. Through TGC AMC contract we offer cost effective comprehensive and value driven AMC service to suit the unique requirement of every business around clock and 365 days.

When your printer won’t print, copy or scan properly, then it’s high time that you call an expert technician because the expert knows to fix any problem related to your printer with little disruptions to your business operations. Also, they can educate you to take the correct steps in diagnosing an unreliable printer. Reach out to the best Printer Repair Services and keep your operations running successfully. So call printer repair experts.

Key Points

  • Achieve Total Freedom from Inventory &Variable costs. TGMA.(Total Guarantee Maintenance Agreement)
  • All Consumables, Spares, onsite Services & parts are covered.
  • User provides Paper, Manpower, space & Electricity. The user controls the paper quality as required.
  • Direct co-relation between consumption & cost. Monthly counter readings on a fixed date.
  • Complete Management & Administrative control, Allows complete user level usage limitations & reporting.
  • 5 Year Warranty that covers all Consumables, Variables & eliminates uncertainty.
  • Eliminates Inventory micro management, stocking & Planning. Quality of the Output is controlled by the user.
  • We deliver nearly ≥98% Uptime through Structured Forecasting, prediction & planning Tools!
  • Experienced Strong Field & Backend Support Technical Team with 27 Years of Proven Service Excellence.
  • Extend Equipment life beyond the stipulated terms! Maximise your (ROI) Return on Investments for improved Capex utilisation.
  • Pay on a per page basis while retaining Asset valuation. Asset always retains a Positive Value.
  • Helps achieve better allocation for defined Workgroups & their demand.
  • Free Management & IT Personnel from Non-core activities.
  • An absolute necessity for busy workgroups with On demand Print work styles.

attractive Rental options

Preventive AMC & Total Guarantee options are available to opt in as per your business need.


Words from our Clients


Well Established service provider with good service record, co-operative staff, We have been in business with this Firm from last 15 to 16 years without a major single complaint. Ms. Sayali from Messrs Brescon Ventures Pvt. Limited.

Jai Aravali

Reliable Printer DMS Printer vendor with TGMA Copier Solutions that have lasted us over 14 Years, very happy with their services. Mr. Sunil from Jai Aravali Group of Industries.


My whole experience is been so amazing the staff has always been so polite and caring, They provide excellent Technical Solutions so much that we I am touch with this company from last 8 years. Mrs. Veena from Superlon Industries.

Mrs. Sonal
Nozer Wadia & Associates

Excellent service from the Service Department, Timely response to service calls along proper Month on Month Counter readings, they have been a Great support & part of our growth success. Value for money Colour Printing Solutions under per page system. We have been associated from the past 16 years. Thank you so much Annabyte Automation. Mrs Sonal from Nozer Wadia & Associates.

Mr. Raj
Premnath & Associates

I have had a great experience with Annabyte Automation, their technical staff makes sure that all our issues are solved. I am happy with my purchases and the services rendered by this vendor. Mr. Raj from Premnath & Associates.

Mrs Citra
Nahar Designs

Excellent services, highly responsive and prompt supplies, keeps our Workgroup Asset continuously working. We are using a Canon Heavy Duty Copier Printers. Would highly recommend Annabyte to large organisations. Mrs Chitra from Nahar Designs.

Laxmi Diamond

Great experience with Annabyte Automation! I was looking for a Copier on the website and came across this firm; they suggested 5 Year Copier under TG Comprehensive AMC explaining the ROI for my asset investment vs other modes and it is working so smoothly form last 9 years. Mr. Santosh from Laxmi Diamond, BKC.

Mr Ramesh
Olivia Impex

What we appreciate is the Service commitment, their engineers come within 4-5 Hours and are always on time and get the Machine up & running. Have never had any serious issue over the past 17 years-Touch wood! Mr. Ramesh from Olivia Impex.

Mr. Viraf
Dinshaw & Sons

The support I have received from the past 19 years is exceptional, a very long & fruitful business association. They have time & over addressed all our technical issues with rock solid technical solutions! An Awesome Company to work with, Happy to be associated with Annabyte! Mr Viraf from Dinshaw & Sons..

Mr. Krishnan
Press Journals

Annabyte always have a Solution, be it for IT, AV or Printing, Scanning or Photocopying, it’s a wonderful experience with all the help I get from team very sophisticated and dedicated service Team. Truly Blessed to partner with them on our Journey. Mr. Krishnan from Bombay Free Press Journals

Ms. Wilma
Arora Fibers

17 Years of Service excellence! We are pleased to refer this Efficiently Run Service Provider-M/s Annabyte! They have been providing A1 Top of the line Service for all our Canon Copier Printing-Scanning requirements from the past 16 years. Ms Wilma from Arora Fibers.

Mr. Krishnamurthy
Oil & Gas Industry Company

After much detailed scrutiny we had short-listed this vendor, they have proven to be highly reliable & trustworthy. Completely rely on them for Inventory free On-demand printing solutions. We have been using multiple Heavy Duty canon Image Runner series Copiers from the past 17 years. A VALUED TRUSTED PARTNER. Mr. Krishnamurthy from Daya Lubricants, an Oil & Gas Industry Company.

Mr Anish
ABC Marines Limited

Reliable Dealer with time tested service record. Has provided essential services during crunch times. Highly Recommended. Mr Anish from ABC Marines Limited.

Mrs Bhavna
CCI Projects India Limited

No other vendor has lasted so long, they have over the years established core Service competencies that we some time take for granted, always on time with support consumables & spares, we can state that we have seen 99% uptime/Productivity on our Copier Printing Machines. Great AV Integrator & IT Solutions Consultant too. Mrs Bhavna from CCI Projects India Limited.

Mrs Shukla

Trusted & reliable Service Provider. Our Partner in Growth, Thank you Annabyte! Keep it going! Mrs Shukla from APICON.

Mrs. Asha
Sahastraa Group of Companies

We are extremely happy with Annabyte for Outstanding services rendered over the past 18 years. Our FIRST choice for all printing, AV & IT Requirements. Mrs Asha from Sahastraa Group of Companies.

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